Build in Time

Build in Time

Build in Time is a construction strategy game for Windows
Reflexive Entertainment, Inc.

Build in Time is a construction strategy game for Windows. This game reminds me a lot of Constructor, a great video game that was released probably 10 years ago. In Build in Time, you are a sort of contractor that gets to build properties. You are given materials and styles to choose from since 1950 and you can go forward in time until the year 2000 or so. The game gives you many chances to explore how houses were built back then and how the building industry has been progressing ever since. You start with a terrain lot and you have to build your way up from there. You are given certain buildings that you can use in any combination you like. After that, you have to sell your houses. The money you earn by selling them will allow you to increase productivity and improve the overall feel of your business. Graphics are not super, but still this game doesn't intend to be a top-notch game, just a shareware game. I remember Constructor, back then, had even better graphics than this and was more fun. But I have to give the developer some Kudos for his work.

José Fernández
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